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The Fun Theory Bactroban For Sale, is a project which is sponsored by Volkswagon that is testing the theory that they can change peoples behavior, for the better, just making a simple task more fun.  Below is a video done by the project where they have video taped a crowded subway station with a stair case and an eslcalator next to each other.  On first day they video taped people getting off the subway train and heading straight for the crowded escalator, leaving the stair case empty. Later that night, discount Bactroban, Rx free Bactroban, after all the people were gone, they came back and modified the stair case to look like a piano's keyboard, purchase Bactroban online, Taking Bactroban, complete with sound.  The next day when people got off the train and well, see the result for yourself, low dose Bactroban. Bactroban for sale,


Pretty amazing that something so small can change people behavior to start taking the stairs.  I wonder how long this behavior would continue or are they just using the stairs the first time that they see it looking like a piano or does the behavior continue.  My vote, they go back to the escalator.

On their website they have a few other video's of changing human behavior, where to buy Bactroban. Bactroban recreational, Check it out

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