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Scroll down to script Buy Abilify Without Prescription, Today at work, the support staff needed to check and see if a customer's email server was setup to relay mail via their database server.  Normally when asked, I direct the support staff to the send the SMTP commands via Telnet like so:

You do/type this Server responds with
Telnet to hostname on port 25 220 (then identifies itself - possibly with several lines of 220 + text)
HELO your_domain_name or whatever 250 (followed by human readable message)
MAIL (ie, your email address) 250 is syntactically correct (or similar)
RCPT (email address you want to send to) 250 is syntactically correct
DATA Tells you to send data then CRLF period CRLF at end
You type your message then CRLF period CRLF (ie, type a period on a line by itself then hit ENTER) 250
QUIT Signoff message

But I figured instead of telling them the same thing every other week it was time to brush up on my bash scripting skills and learn something new in the process.

I first tried to read in the variables and then send them out to a telnet command but quickly realized that once telnet was executed in the script it would no longer accept the bash variables that I had created.  I knew from previous scripts that I could use the expect commands (more info) but expect is not usually a package that gets installed on a linux server by default and most of these servers are production database servers, Abilify from canadian pharmacy, Online Abilify without a prescription, which no admin would allow a random package to get installed with out testing it first.

So with expect out of the question it was time for some Google searches which let me to an article from the Linux Journal titled "More on Using Bash's Built in /dev/tcp File (TCP/IP)"  This struck my interest, Abilify samples, Where can i buy Abilify online, first because I didn't know that this was possible and second because this was the same way that I had done it in the Windows/AutoIT world (I will post more about this later).  Here is the full script that I wrote.  Feel free to use this as you need or if you see a way for me to make it better please let me know.


# Written by: Terry Moore
# Created on Date: 2009-10-12
# Test mail relay from a Linux database server
# Version 0.2
# Last update 2009-10-13

#Body of Email
DATA="The test message has been sent"

#Subject of Email
SUBJECT="Mail Relay Test"

######### Header ##########
echo "***************************************"
echo "* *"
echo "* Mail Relay Test App *"
echo "* *"
echo "***************************************"
echo "Press control+c at any time to cancel"
echo "Please answer all of the following questions:"

##### Get Mail Server #######
while [ $LOOP -ne 1 ]
echo -n "Enter Mail Server Name: " ; read MAILSERVER;
if [ "$MAILSERVER" != '' ] ; then

###### GET PORT ##########
echo -n "Enter Port: [typically 25]: "; read PORT;
if [ "$PORT" = '' ] ; then

###### GET MAIL FROM ##########
echo -n "Enter Mail From: []" ; read MAILFROM
if [ "$MAILFROM" = '' ] ; then

###### GET MAIL TO ##########
while [ $LOOP -ne 1 ]
echo -n "Enter Mail To: " ; read MAILTO
if [ "$MAILTO" != '' ] ; then

#### SEND MAIL via RAW TCP #######
echo "Connecting to $MAILSERVER on Port $PORT";
echo "Please wait .., Abilify reviews. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, "
exec 3<>/dev/tcp/$MAILSERVER/$PORT

if [ $. -ne 0 ] ; then
echo "ERROR: Cannot connect to the Mail Server";
echo "Please check the servername and/or the port number"

echo -en "HELO\r\n" >&3
echo -en "MAIL FROM:$MAILFROM\r\n" >&3
echo -en "RCPT TO:$MAILTO\r\n" >&3
echo -en "DATA\r\n" >&3
echo -en "Subject: $SUBJECT\r\n\r\n" >&3
echo -en "$DATA\r\n" >&3
echo -en ".\r\n" >&3
echo -en "QUIT\r\n" >&3
cat <&3

echo "Check the above output for errors"

I know I have to do more error checking and data sanitizing but you can get the drift as to how to use bash's builtin /dev/tcp device file to send telnet commands, comprar en línea Abilify, comprar Abilify baratos. Is Abilify safe,

More on Using Bash's Built-in /dev/tcp File (TCP/IP)

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  1. Nice job!
    To work on smtp server, all I had to add was From: and To: header in message.

    I got frustrated trying to get netcat to work.
    “cat file | nc -i1 25″

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