GQLPlus: Oracle SQLPlus on Crack.

It has always bugged me that the Oracle SQLPlus prompt on Windows allowed you to use the up arrow to repeat (and most often used to fix) the previous command but for some reason this functionality is lost with the Linux version.  That is until now.

I started to Google around to see how to turn this functionality on and that when I found the Holy Grail of SQL prompts; GQLPLus.  ”The difference between gqlplus and sqlplus is command-line editing and history, plus table-name and column-name completion.”

After downloading the gzip you can either compile the code your self, which didn’t work for me or just take the easy route and use the pre-complied binary located int he Linux folder of the gzip file.  I copied this binary to the /usr/local/bin folder for easy access.

You can download the source and binaries from the GQLPlus sourceforge page

Gif Stopper :: Chrome Extension

I love a good animated gif and most the time I just view them and move on. But now that I have joined Google Plus, animated gif have turned into an eye sore.  Okay, they’re only annoying when you are trying to read something and there is elephant that keeps bouncing up and down on a trampoline.  So I decided to do something about it.

Introducing my latest Google Chrome extension:  The Gif Stopper.  This will stop an animated gif in its tracks by just pressing the escape key.

Okay, I can’t take total credit for it.  The bread and butter of the extension what written by Johan Sundström and he posted it on  I just turned it into a Chrome Extension.  The code for the extension including Johan’s code is posted on my github page.


Get the (Fedora/Ubuntu) Linux Nvidia Driver to Work With a Dell E6420/6520

If you are experiencing issues getting the proprietary Linux Nvidia driver to load on a Dell E6420/E6520 laptop ( I am sure there are other Makes and Models that have have this issue ) then here is your fix:

Go into the BIOS and under the Video section uncheck (disable) the Optimus option.

It doesn’t matter what distribution you are using this will fix it assuming you already have the driver installed properly. If you need help doing that then just use Google to find the correct How-To guide, there are hundreds for each distro.

That’s it, such a simple fix to a frustrating issue.